• Tête-à-tête with Dorothy Hector and Callie Robins of @pls_stitch

    Tête-à-tête with Dorothy Hector and Callie Robins of @pls_stitch

    This month our tête-à-tête is with two new stitchers, Dorothy and Callie, better known as @pls_stitch. Like many new stitchers to the Instagram needlepoint community, they picked up needlepoint during quarantine and have not looked back.  They are both talented stitchers, using exquisite threads, decorative stitches and stitch extremely quickly.  I have been very fortunate to have met Callie for coffee on a recent trip to NY which included an impromptu cording lesson in the middle of Fifth Avenue.


    1. For some of our followers who don’t follow you, could you please tell us a bit about your needlepoint background, when and how did you both learn to needlepoint?

     Hi everyone! Callie and Dorothy here from @plsstitch_thx. We’re both corporate lawyers at the same NYC firm.  Over the past year and half, we have become avid Needlepointers. In October 2019, C, (Callie) was staffed on a deal with D (Dorothy). We became very fast friends and D was later randomly (serendipitously?) assigned as C’s formal associate mentor. C’s mom has needlepointed on and off forever and D’s great aunt was an avid needlepointer as well. Early 2020, C bought a canvas to teach herself. She was immediately hooked and sent D frequent progress and purchase updates. Once the pandemic hit and we transitioned to WFH, C bought her third canvas and D wanted in on the action and bought her first! Our mentorship sessions quickly became virtual stitch time, with C mentoring D as she learned to stitch as we navigated the pandemic.

     In September 2020, we decided (together, of course) to take @sbtstitches Master Class, which took our stitching up to a whole other level. Since then, D has also taken the Decorative Stitches class and we have taken @abigail_cecile’s finishing class.


     Overall, with our hectic jobs and unpredictable hours, stitching helps us clear our minds.  It was especially great as a pandemic activity to distract us from not being able to go anywhere and the insanity of work during that time.  Honestly, stabbing a canvas a billion times over and over again is a great stress reliever and our type-A personalities love an activity where we can see the progress we make every day and turn our canvases into tangible finished piece that we can enjoy forever!


    2. Tell us a bit about your Instagram account, how did you come up with the name and do you both post separately or do you consult with each other first?

    We knew we needed a stitch-stagram when we realized how many needlepoint accounts we wanted to follow.  Our handle “pls stitch thx” is a play on the popular legal meme that partners always send comments saying “pls fix thx” without actually answering any substantive questions associates have asked.  We instead choose to pls stitch.

    We sign our posts from the person posting it (C or D or sometimes both), but we certainly consult with each other, mostly because D is the master photographer.

    3. What are you stitching at the moment?  Do you tend to stitch multiple  canvases at the same time or are you both a one canvas at a time girl?

    A classic lawyer answer, but “it depends.” At the moment, C and D both have a few WIPs. Our preference would probably be to work on one canvas at a time, but sometimes, we like to have a small canvas going. For example, now that we are starting to transition back to work, we like to leave a smaller canvas at work, a different one that we can bring on the go, and, of course, one we work on at home/during stitch club! D likes to alternate a large canvas followed by a small canvas (it’s nice to tackle a small project after working on a bigger one for a while); on the other hand, C does not really have a preference because she can stitch both small and large canvases pretty fast.

     C recently finished her Taco Truck and Halloween Russian Doll by @SilverStitchNeedlepoint (stich guides available for both canvases! DM us on IG if interested!), two alphabet letters by @SBTStitches and is now working on her Geometric Clutch by @AudreyWuDesigns. C also has a backgammon board in the works. D is working on Press for Champagne by @SilverStitchNeedlepoint and still deciding what is next in the WIP list. Although, by the time this newsletter comes out, the speedy stitcher (C) will most certainly have finished the clutch and will be on to the next project, so check out our Instagram for updates!


    4.  I am always so impressed by your finished canvases, your stitching is so exquisite along with your color and fiber choices.  Can you give us some insight into your process of choosing threads and decorative stitches?

    It takes a village! But, really, it does! We love to bounce ideas off of each other and our friends/followers. When we buy a canvas, we share it on stitch club and ask for thread and stitch recommendations. We also sometimes drop a story on our Instagram asking for suggestions. One thing we absolutely love about needlepoint in general is the people we have met that share the same passion for this craft. We love seeing everyone’s beautiful canvases and finished pieces and appreciate everyone’s willingness to share and offer advice and suggestions. 

    When picking threads, we tend to prefer certain brands depending on mesh count. For example, on a 13" mesh project, we both gravitate towards Silk & Ivory as a starting point. We love to mix in some sparkles in each project, whether that’s silk lame, kreinik, fyre werks, or beads! 

    We are always excited to try different stitches, threads and other new techniques. Worst case, we rip it out (and if you follow us, you know, C loves to keep stitching even when she isn’t necessarily feeling it and then rip it ALL out). D loves to incorporate French Knots and fun background stitches on her canvases.  We don’t take ourselves, or our stitching too seriously, so we love to experiment and take risks. 

    5. Can you please share with us some of the goodies you have in your stash?

     C: just purchased an adorable Sushi canvas by @mypinksugarlifeneedlepoint; custom floral initial canvas by @AudreyWuDesigns; “I Don’t Cook But I Like To Stir The Pot” canvas by @lycettedesigns; and the backgammon board by @SilverStitchNeedlepoint that, even for this speedy stitcher, will take a billion years!

    D: forcing myself not to buy any more canvases in 2021 because my stash is out of control (though all the designers are testing my willpower with so many cute new canvases), can’t list them all but couple I am excited to start on next are: US Open and Wimbledon canvases by @kirkandbradley, snapper by @pipandrooneedleworks (will be making this into a tray for my dad who is both an avid angler and chef), two gingham bunnies by @SilverStitchNeedlepoint and adorable custom beach sunglass case canvas by @SBTStitches, which I’m going to finish back to back with the shady canvas I stitched by @morganjuliadesigns…can you see I have my work cut out for me?

    6.  Is there anything special on your wish list that you would like to stitch one day?

    The @gaylaelliott7295 “Stitching Working Girl” canvas that we feel was created for us and NEED to stitch for our offices.

    Other than that, we don’t really have anything special on our wish lists because we (i) have no impulse control and buy something we like as soon as we see it and (ii) love to work with designers to make our wildest custom canvases dreams come true! 

    Callie and Dorothy, thank you so much for sharing all your projects with us.  It has been fun getting to know you both!